Transitioning from a Student Visa to Permanent Residency

Every year, people from all over the world choose to immigrate to Canada.

Our consultancy has effectively resolved migration frustrations by promoting study-work-migrate pathway for applicants OF ANY AGE .

Most of all immigrants arriving in Canada will at some point go back to school so Enlight Migration Consultancy will help arrange that from the very start allowing them with a full range of benefits to establish themselves right away with meaningful employment leading to permanent residency without experiencing all the frustration, mistrust and disappointment of typical immigration model in any of the said countries.

Canada is a great place to work study and live for its high standard of living, diverse and welcoming communities, beautiful landscapes, job opportunities and most of all, first-rate education system with exceptional standards. Consequently, students consistently rank among the best in world on international tests of reading, science and mathematics which is a proof of the excellent quality of Canadian education system.

Foreign students have the work opportunities in Canada after completing degree, diploma or certificate for a duration that will depend on length of their study program. Students also have the opportunities TO WORK DURING THEIR STUDIES USING OFF CAMPUS PERMIT.

If you always dreamed about studying abroad in a wonderful and welcoming country, we will help you make that dream come true.

We will be with you each step of the way as you explore he best possible educational programs matching your academic background and long term life goals.

Quality-assured Education


Are you worried about meeting the criteria, achieving the standard and gaining the credit for a course in New Zealand?

Well, here’s one good news for international students! Be happy to know that there are many alternative ‘pathways’ that can help you gain entry into your preferred programme.

Study pathways involve taking a slightly different route to the course you would like to study, which allows you to pursue your dream course even if you are not able to meet the entry requirements initially.
Pathways in the New Zealand education involve applying for a course (such as a bachelor degree or certificates and diplomas) that has more manageable entry requirements. The common alternate entry route for both local and international students is exploring broad areas of study related to the courses they completed in their countries and moving onto more specialized programmes through further study.

Since New Zealand’s immigration policies include a study and work pathway for international students who have completed a New Zealand qualification, this lets you find a job and get work experience in a field directly related to your studies, and makes it easier to apply for residence. Therefore when considering pathways, it is important to check with institutions whether the pathway option you are considering will provide entry into your preferred course and if you will be granted credit.

If you want to stay in New Zealand for longer you’ll need to find a job that is relevant to the qualification you achieved there.

Enlight Migration Consultancy ensures that every international student will be confident that the following schools meet the highest educational standards and are rigorously monitored and tested by the government.