Enlight Migration Consultancy is a Cebu City-based Philippine visa firm that provides online and walk-in visa immigration assistance to people from all walks of life. EMC is a new leading support agency in the area, providing an option for persons seeking assistance in visa processing to cross borders to other nations, whether for personal aspirations and goals or for career advancement and development.

But what distinguishes us from other immigration consultancies?

Enlight ensures that your needs are satisfied in the most secure and timely manner possible, reducing or eliminating the lengthy and arduous procedures that most people encounter while processing documents such as VISA and the like. “We go beyond the borders,” as our company tagline indicates. Our staff goes above and beyond the limitations of our time and efforts to bring out the best that we have to offer.

What do we provide, then, that distinguishes us as one of the country’s most innovative and prestigious consultancies?

When you apply with Enlight, you won’t be applying to one of those boring, standard consultancies. Time is of the essential, and the budget is within the realm of financial literature, we ensure. Typically, we are able to locate a variety of visa choices, resolving potential issues in order to get around barriers in your application, and provide you with a variety of ways to boost your application.

Our offerings consist of:

  • Assisting you in choosing the expedited, cost-effective visa route available to you and preparing your application for submission;
    · Supplying you with the best migration solution for your requirements;
    · Determining whether such qualities are acceptable and providing you with a FREE assessment, review, and suggestion;
    · Helping with application completion and providing a competitive fixed fee proposal WITHOUT HIDDEN SURPRISES;
    · Orienting you to all areas of migration, including the IELTS English test, the number of hours spent working and attending school, lifestyle, salary, and living expenses;
    · Additionally, you must submit your visa application in accordance with all regulations.

Why do we choose Enlight?

We also offer provisions that allow you to transfer your professional fee to a student visa if your immigration status changes. In addition, we are the only organization that processes student dependant visas for Level 7-NZ.

Along with handling your visa applications, we also make care to plan your trip itineraries, including airport pickup, lodging, and other details, so that you can cross the border as soon as your visa has been granted.

Over the past eight years, we have assisted more than a hundred people in realizing their aspirations of traveling abroad. We will provide you with the most practical and cheap means of bridging the gap between your present and your future.

When will you make a decision? You get to decide. Come to Enlight and we’ll enlighten you to succeed beyond the bounds of success.


Enlight Migration Consultancy envisioned to being the preferred avenue for people seeking immigration solutions in ASIA PACIFIC.


Our Mission is three folds:
●PEOPLE- Providing quality service to people seeking immigration solutions.
●STAKEHOLDERS- To provide stakeholders access to development both professional and personal so they can achieve great thing in life and helping their ultimate dreams become a reality.
●SOCIETY- To develop the sense of Social Responsibility that integrates the stakeholder’s ability to benefit and grow from the outputs of the business activities