Enlight Migration Consultancy is a Philippine based visa agency in Cebu City catering online and walk-in visa immigration assistance in all walks of life. EMC is one of the new leading support agencies in the locality serving as an avenue to individuals seeking help in visa processing to cross the borders to other countries be it for personal dreams and goals or career advancement and development.

But what makes us different from other immigration consultancies?

We, in Enlight, make sure that we deliver your needs in the most secured and fast-pace method lessening or perhaps excluding the lengthy and draggy procedures most people experience during processing their documents such as VISA and the like. As our company tagline says, “We go beyond the borders”. Our team, as much as possible, go beyond the limits of our time and efforts to bring out the best we have to offer.

So, what do we offer that make us one of the new and leading consultancies in the nation?

We, in Enlight, is not just your typical and average consultancies that may bore you out upon applying. We make sure that time is of the essence and budget is in the scope of financial literature. Typically, we are able to identify varied and myriad visa options, solving prospective problems in order to overcome obstacles in your application, thus offering you different ways to strengthen your application. Our services include:

  • Guiding you through the fastest, most economical visa pathway appropriate to your circumstances and preparing your application for submission;
  • Giving you the right migration solution to meet your needs;
  • Finding out if such qualifications meet the eligibility requirements hence offering you FREE assessment, evaluation and recommendation;
  • Assisting in the filling up of application with competitive Fixed Fee Proposal with NO HIDDEN SURPRISES;
  • Orienting you about all the aspects of migration like IELTS English Test, number of work and school hours, lifestyle, salaries and cost living, and more;
  • And lodging your visa application in accordance with the guidelines requirements.

Why do we choose Enlight?

We have transferability features as well which may transfer your professional fee to student visa should you change perspective as an immigrant; furthermore, we are the only agency that provides the processing of student dependent visa for Level 7-NZ.

We will not just process your visa applications but once approved and you are ready to cross the border, we make sure to arrange your travel schedules like airport pick up, accommodation and the like.

For 8 years, we have helped more than a hundred individuals to achieve their dreams in going beyond the borders. We will help you bridge the gap from now to your future in the most convenient and affordable means.

When will you decide? The choice is yours to make. Be here in Enlight and we will enlighten you to go beyond the borders of success.